Anyone here raise rare breeds?

Discussion of specific breeds, breed standards and selection criteria for purebreds.
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Re: Anyone here raise rare breeds?

Post Number:#31  Unread postby Ozarkansas » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:02 am

SarniaTricia wrote:They are SOOOOOooooo beautiful!!!
Cruel Ozarkansas ...... so very cruel.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


I could make it work if I...... crap!! Why you gotta......

The good news is I have no rabbits currently for
The bad news is I am rearranging my rabbitry in my head to make this work!!
Lets keep in touch and I thing we could do this..... ;)

Yes we can make it work!!! I an trying to limit the amount of breeds I have... But if you give me enough time I can make room!! or more cages!
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Re: Anyone here raise rare breeds?

Post Number:#32  Unread postby Harelady » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:19 am

SableSteel wrote:I've raised some rare breeds. Standard chinchilla, belgian hare, harlequin, argente brun... Standard chinchillas are cool, beautiful fur, not much in the way of meat though and sort of, imo, a bit boring. Great history behind them too. Not bad little rabbits. Belgian hares were a mess. To be honest, the lines in the US are not super healthy (read: probably the least healthy breed in the US), and not good quality compared to european hares. They're one of the breeds that has to be raised on solid floors; not something I'd want to deal with. That's a breed that's cool to look at, maybe to have one pet, but not to breed.

Another edit: and belgian hares are expensive little things! $100 was what pet quality standard ones were going for when I was looking, and that wasn't even at nationals.

Just saw this. I agree that some line of hares are more susceptible to illness. Respiratory infections especially. I actually had more problems with Angoras then my hares but that maybe just me. I know of a person that raise them on wire which is very looked down on by most people that raise them. They are a really cool breed and I love them but they can be very hard to raise.

I not sure the high prices on hares are a help or hindrance to the breed. I get people that want them but hear the price and back out on the breed or look elsewhere. Common complaint from people is they cannot find any hares for sale. Then they back out when they find then due to price. But then again at least you know someone is serious when they do pay the price. Most hare breeds are pretty particular about who they sell to I have found. Kind of like Angora people.

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